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Education and Training Systems

With the Lisbon Strategy, education and training (E&T) entered the centre stage of European policy making. It was realized that lifelong learning is a key driver of the Lisbon Strategy as expressed in the integrated guidelines for both employment and, as part of the knowledge triangle, for growth, affecting innovation, competitiveness and sustainable development. The… Read More »

Need for Structural Change

Europe needs to restructure its economy to be more flexible and better adapted to the multipolar economy that is emerging from the crisis. This requires Europe to adapt to broad societal challenges and to position itself vis-à-vis new technological models and new growth markets. In other words, we need to increase our capacity to channel… Read More »

Need for Reforms

One of the Europe 2020 targets is to reach an R&D investment intensity of 3% in the EU. Governments and firms are investing strongly in research and development. However, the use of these resources will not be effective if they are not invested in a first class research and innovation system that is capable of… Read More »