Scientific and Technological Strengths

The maps below illustrate several key science and technology areas where Slovak regions have real strengths in a European perspective. The maps are based on the number of scientific publications and patents produced by authors and inventors based in the regions.


As illustrated in the maps above, in terms of scientific capacity, the Slovak Republic has relative strong regional clusters in the fields of food, agriculture and fisheries, information & communication technologies and materials. Considering the scientific specialisation index, over the period 2000-2009, Slovakia has not significantly improved its rate in new production technologies, energy and transport, with an average below the EU27 average. In comparison the Slovak regions are less prominent in technology patenting than the Bratislava region, where relative strengths in patenting are quite visible. Overall, significant disparities exist between the capital region and the rest of the country in terms of R&D expenditure and intensity.

The main technology sectors are materials, metallurgy, biotechnology, energy, other transport technologies, manufacture of electrical motors. In terms of technological specialisation, considering patenting in industrial sectors within Europe, the Slovak Republic shows particular strengths in the automotive sector. In terms of importance for economic growth, the plastic product sector is highly relevant for the Slovak Republic, as well as for Poland, Slovenia and Bulgaria in the EU-27 area and worldwide. Additionally, the second largest and the quickest growing industrial sector of the country is electrotechnics and electronics. Moreover, as part of global value chains, the Slovak Republic is one of the world leaders in LCD production – a high-tech manufacturing sector. The above referred sectors are for Slovakia the sectors with great potential for doing business in R&D.