Meet the numbers. Meet the users. This is what customers say about Foneo

By | November 3, 2017

Foneo and Belgium, a match made in heaven

There are many reasons why Belgium was chosen as location for our European launch. We’ve noticed that many Belgian businesses struggle with the intense traffic. And that on-site meeting becomes more and more complicated because of the extensive transport times.

But of course, the vivid and vibrant industries that are built on partnership and innovative entrepreneurship form the backbone of a strong economy. We truly believe that a flexible and easy-to-use meeting app is an effective way for companies to work faster, more productively and at a lower cost.

We measure to improve

After our go-to-market at the end of August, we immediately started gathering data and statistics about the usage of our app.

After all, an online meeting app that aims for nothing less than perfection needs constant improvement and an agile take on feedback and suggestion integration. Without data, no knowledge. And without knowledge, no improvement.

We’re happy to share the first results with you.

Two months in, what are the results?

Today, over 800 users are active on our platform. Each user setting his own priorities and using the app the way it fits him of her best. With more than 100 businesses that have upgraded to a payed account, the launch has been quite a success. And we can now measure what we have always believed: once you use Foneo, there’s nothing else you’ll ever want to use for your online meetings.

Here are some interesting statistics for you to enjoy:

  • The average meeting time on the app is close to 80 minutes.
  • The longest meeting held with Foneo took up to 4,5 hours (!)
  • The average number of participants is 3.8.
  • But we’ve seen meetings with up to 32 participants – everything still running like a charm.

And of course, our own team, 20 people strong, uses the Foneo-application on a daily basis.

So what do our users have to say about Foneo?

There are a few specs that our users are particularly excited about. Customers really love the clear and crisp HD video quality and outstanding audio performances. But the screen sharing features and virtual whiteboard have also made a great impression.

So what do you like most about Foneo? Let us know through email. Want to find out more about the app, visit our website for more info on features and pricing.

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