Scientific and Technological Strengths

The maps below illustrate six key science and technology areas where the Czech Republic has real strengths in a European context. The maps are based on the number of scientific publications and patents produced by authors and inventors based in the regions.


There is a considerable diversity in the Czech Republic amongst regional innovation performances, ranging from low to medium-high. Overall, other transport, construction, materials, energy, and environment are the five areas where the Czech Republic combines a strong scientific output in terms of the number of scientific publications and a strong technological output in terms of the number of patent applications. In the case of other transport and energy this combination is further reinforced by the quality of the scientific output. While the automobiles sector also features a strong technological output, the corresponding scientific field displays weak outputs.

Food, agriculture and fisheries stands out as an area of strong scientific specialisation with many publications but has poor scientific impact and little technological output. In terms of EPO patent applications the Czech Republic and all regions lag significantly behind the European average – in particular in ICT and biotech applications – and on average only 4.9% of Czech scientific publications are amongst the 10% most cited worldwide. Energy, aeronautics and space and transport stand out as scientific fields where the Czech Republic displays a high degree of scientific excellence and of international collaboration. This is also true to a lesser degree for research on biotech, materials and new production technologies. However, with the exception of materials science, these are not areas of high specialisation in the Czech science base.