What does an custom essay look like?

By | October 8, 2013

custom-essay-writing-serviceWriting tends to be a very private process. You know what your essays look like and what comments your lecturer returns them with, but you have very little idea what other people’s essays are like and what comments they receive back. One of the most valuable aids to developing your own style and ability is to have the opportunity to see how other students have responded to the same task: not because you want to copy someone else’s style, but to broaden your vision of what is possible when you are answering an essay question. If you are studying with other students, you could arrange to meet from time to time to read each other’s essays; or if you can’t meet you could exchange essays by email.

Exchanging essays is a way of gaining insight into your strengths and weaknesses, by comparing your approach to that of your colleagues. It is unlikely that you could copy someone else’s style even if you tried. Since it is your ability that you are trying to develop, it would be counterproductive. However; do not plagiarize. This is a quick route to getting thrown out of University. The idea of letting others see your work is rather daunting at first, but once you have broken the barriers of privacy, other students can often be at least as helpful as a tutor in finding ways forward. All this being said, be careful to avoid plagiarizing fellow students’ work. This can result is severe penalties. If Students are looking a company for essay writing service, so they can choose http://www.advancedwriters.com – writing services for their essay write. Advancewriters.com has 15 year experience in essay writing field.

This can be a problem for some. If it is, you are advised to avoid the word `I’ and be careful not to express your personal views too much, unless the question actually asks what you yourself think. It is safer to keep it in third person whenever possible. The passive tense is often the best, although some now think this is an old fashioned way. If you start saying `I think’ then it can easily become too personal and it may cause you to say what you think without sufficient evidence to back it up. Alternatively, you might be failing to express one or more standard explanations that others have proposed.

Using the active tense is often more vigorous in language but can backfire. If you are not sure what is meant by active and passive tenses, `The ball was struck’ is passive; `I struck the ball’ is active. If you find this is a problem of yours, you might find that it helps to practice making skeleton answers using old exam papers or questions in a textbook. You need not write out the actual answer. When preparing the skeleton, seek out some logical order (e.g., who was involved, why did it happen, what were the results) and organize your points under your main headings. You could try several different approaches, one skeleton answer for each. You might have to think about what to put in and how to organize better, and you may find it difficult, but the actual process of doing this is part of learning and improving. Be aware that it might take some time before your effort pays off and your work improves. But be reassured that you will be more effective when approaching an issue for the rest of your life.

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